Unity Lodge #18

From the East

Greetings from the East!

July 28, 2020


This past month, Unity Lodge #18 has had the privilege of raising two brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason. Congratulations to our newly obligated brothers, Brothers Brad and Casey Colvell. We are excited for your progress and look forward to your continued progress in the lodge and garnering to yourselves the secrets of Masonry.

This coming month we will also participate in the passing of Brother Burk Larson to the Fellow Craft degree, and celebrate his continued progress in the secrets of our fraternity.

We also had the sad privilege of paying our last respects to two of our departed. Members of our lodge participated in a final masonic farewell to our Brother Mel Walker and Brother Carl Jeerings. When listening to the masonic roll of our brothers, and the final tribute of family and friends, we see the incredible contribution these two most excellent brothers gave to the fraternity and to the community. They truly lived well so they could die well, leaving an indelible mark on the world, truly making the world a better place. They lived true to their obligations.

All of these moments and experiences combine to weave a tapestry of life. We sometimes look at individual events as single strings in a tapestry, but we miss the majesty of the whole when we do so. The passing, raising and farewell to brothers who have shared their lives with us; who obligate themselves to making the world a better place, should inspire us to maintain the course and focus on the cause. From the moment of our first initiation in the fraternity, we initiated a search to fill our lives with light, and as the ancient Essenes taught, to become a vessel of light, spreading the light of friendship, brotherly love and compassion to the world at large. Thus we fill the role of a light worker, thus we are true to our obligations as a Mason.

Fraternally Brethren,
Ken Noorlander WM (435) 229-2083

From the Secretary’s Desk

July 28, 2020


February was a busy month raising two new Master Masons. Congratulations Brothers Brad Colvell and Casey Colvell. We look forward to your involvement in the fraternity.

We also conducted Worshipful Brother Melvin R. Walker’s funeral service on Friday, February 7th. Mel had served as Worshipful Master of Unity Lodge twice and President of the Ogden Masonic Temple Association for many years. He had served Masonry for over 63 years. It was nice to see so many Brethren there to show our respects. We then conducted a courtesy memorial service the next day for Brother Carl Jeerings. I received word today that Brother Charles Hardenbrook died on January 12, 2020. He had received his Masonic degrees in George Washington Lodge #24 in Ogden on June 11, 1985 and affiliated with Unity Lodge in December 2008. Please hold the families of these Brethren in your thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely & Fraternally,
David W. Barron, PGM-Secretary