Unity Lodge #18

From the West

Tidings from the West

July 28, 2020


Spring is nearly upon us and we are all excited to see some warmer temperatures and green grass. We made it through another winter. Our work in lodge continues and we will soon pass one of our brethren to the degree of fellowcraft.

We had another successful Grand Lodge Communication. All of the legislation was soundly defeated. There was one piece of emerging legislation that did come up to the floor for a vote. The legislation was pertaining to voting for grand lodge officers. With the advent of a more streamlined communication, everything was running ahead of schedule. The legislation came from two past grand masters suggesting the Grand Lodge Code be changed from holding elections promptly at 2 pm on Saturday to no later than 2 pm. So, in future Grand Lodge Communications, elections may be held earlier.

Let’s keep working to improve ourselves and our communities. I’ll see you all on the level.


Timothy L. Stenner, PM
Senior Warden