Unity Lodge #18

From the East

Tidings from the East

September 2, 2021

I’m going to pull back the curtain a bit and speak on one of the more profound tenets of Freemasonry, part of the rich mythology that makes up the wisdom of our order.

From the Lost Keys of Freemasonry, by Manly P. Hall ...

Much has been said concerning the loss of the Master’s Word and the seekers go out to find it but bring back only substitutes. The true Master knows that those who go out can never find the secret trust. He alone can find it who goes within. The true Master has never lost the Word, but has cherished it in the spiritual locket of his own being. From those who have the eyes to see, nothing is concealed; to those who have the right to know, all things are open books. The true Word of three Grand Masters has never been concealed from those who have the right to know it nor has it ever been revealed to those who are not prepared a worthy shrine to contain it. The Master knows, for he is a temple builder. Within the setting of his own bodies, the Philosopher’s Stone is placed; for in truth it is the heart of the Phoenix, that strange bird which rises with renewed youth from the ashes of its burned body. When the Master’s heart is as pure and white as the diamond that he wears, he will then become the living stone – the crown jewel in the diadem of the Craft.

This is a common theme of all the ancient mystery school traditions that I have studied and reviewed. And I believe was at one time a core teaching of the prominent world religions ... that if you would know God ... you must first know yourself. The connection to the divine source lies within the internal spiritual workings of the individual and not an external source. What is so profound about this is that it places the responsibility on you ... the individual brother ... to establish the link.

When the world exhibits chaos and dissension, and the storm clouds of adversity are upon us, we can reach back into the core of our spiritual teachings, and recognize that we have established a link with divinity. We are not alone, we have a divine right and a divine source to dispel the fear and act as men and masons.

On another note ... many of us had the honor of providing gravies masonic honors to our departed Brother Rollan Tonkinson. Brother Rollan’s life was a rich example of the fraternal values we hold dear. Many thanks to those that was able to participate. Please keep the Tonkinson family in your thoughts and prayers.

Fraternally Brethren, Ken Noorlander WM

News From the Secretary’s Desk

September 2, 2021


Where does the time go? September is here and the cooler weather feels good and reminds us that fall is coming up.

I had stated in the June newsletter that I would be putting items out for Brethren to go thru that other Brethren and their families have given me. Because of the Grand Lodge visitation on September 1st I will wait and put them out at our business meeting in October.

My thanks to each of you for keeping me posted on Brethren as you hear from them.

Take care and I look forward to seeing you in lodge.


David W. Barron, PGM-Secretary