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The Ogden Masonic Meetup Group
Meets every Wednesday
at 6:00 PM at the
Masonic Temple in Ogden
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 Unity Lodge #18 Educational Night Qabala

     Time and Place:  28 November 7:00 at Ogden Masonic Lodge

    Subject:  Concepts of the Kabbalah – A study on the “Tree of Life”

    • Learn about the definitions, origins and evolution of the esoteric concepts of the Kabbalah.
    • Learn about basics of the organization of the Kabbalah, view the lay out and discuss the meaning of this ancient philosophy.
    • Learn about possible personal applications.
    • Learn about the basic correspondences between this methodology and other esoteric bodies of thought.


Want to know more about Freemasonry?

Join us on Wednesday from 06:00 to 06:30 PM for a Q&A session

At the Ogden Masonic Temple
1240 20th St; Ogden, Utah 84401

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Quote on Freemasonry

Freemasonry must stand upon the Rock of Truth, religion, political, social, and economic. Nothing is so worthy of its care as freedom in all its aspects. "Free" is the most vital part of Freemasonry. It means freedom of thought and expression, freedom of spiritual and religious ideals, freedom from oppression, freedom from ignorance, superstition, vice and bigotry, freedom to acquire and possess property, to go and come at pleasure, and to rise or fall according to will of ability.

Theodore Roosevelt




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