Unity Lodge #18

From the West

June 02, 2022

Tidings from the West

My Brothers…My message for the June Newsletter, is written with a very heavy heart. I learned 2 days ago, that my Brother and very dear friend, had died – and his body was recovered at Bear Lake. He was a very experienced and avid diver, had also recently certified as a Dive Instructor. Brother Kyle Walker was a great man, and Mason. He had also recently been promoted to the rank of E-6, in the Army designated Staff Sergeant. The rank both WM Tim Stenner and myself had obtained in the Air Force. This was a difficult journey as well, but he met it head on….ALL while being an active member of his lodge, the Scottish Right, the Utah Scots Guard, Sojourners, and recently obtaining the degree of Order of the Temple in Utah’s York Rite. My Brother shall be greatly missed, and leaves a hole in my heart – even more so as we descend upon the Memorial Day weekend. While its origins are widely disputed, it was originally celebrated as “Decoration Day” as a result of the many survivors and families of Civil War casualties ‘decorated’ the graves of the fallen with flowers. The first National celebration was not held until 1868, inspired by the several celebrations held during the 3 years that followed the end of the Civil War. It was not until 1971, more than 100 years after the first observance, that Congress declared Memorial Day a federal holiday. As we remember our fallen, and now those that were not service members but have passed, take some time to remember who those men and women were/are – that have given all (ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL) that we may continue to enjoy the freedoms of today in this great Republic in which we live. HOO-RAH !

Brother Kyle….SLOW SALUTE…..We shall meet again my friend/Brother, until Valhalla – Rest.

Most Fraternally,

TSGT Gerald D Corbett, SW