Unity Lodge #18

From The West

March 1, 2024

Greetings from the West!

I hope everyone enjoyed their February and are doing well! We had some great practices during February, which will be beneficial for upcoming degrees. We’ll have the opportunity of receiving an educational feature this month by Brother Stephen Brown, which I am looking forward to. If any other Brother has a desire to present an educational feature, please let me know!

I’ll leave you all with a quote by Manly P. Hall that I recently read and enjoyed:

“It is this great yearning within the heart of man which sends him slowly onward toward the gate of the Temple; it is this inner urge for greater understanding and greater light which brought into being through the law of necessity the great cosmic Masonic Lodge dedicated to those seeking union with the Powers of Light that their prison walls might be removed.”


Casey Colvell, SW

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